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Master the 6 Steps to Success!

Get Your Goals GUARANTEED! 

It's my mission to help you to reach your goals, and achieve the life you truly deserve! 😃 

Sincerely, Adrian McMillian 

Tired of the Rat Race?

Do you feel that you spend all of your time, just trying to keep your head above water? 

Do you feel like you’re a hamster in cage, continuously running, and getting nowhere?  

Do you feel that you’re just not one of those “lucky” people? One of those people who seems to effortlessly have the time, money, and opportunities?  

Man on Hamster Wheel

Have you tried traditional motivational courses/workshops, only to feel the enthusiasm and hype dissappate after the event?

Have you realized that the traditional motivational courses don't leave you with any structure or guidelines, on how to proceed after the course has ended?

How amazing would it be to...

Feel in Control of Your Life!

Feeling that you can not only handle any situation, but that you can produce a positive outcome out of any situation.

Know Your Purpose in Life!

Knowing why you are here! Having clarity on how valuable you are to the world! Easily making choices that align with your mission!

Design Your Future!

Realizing that you have the power to create your future! Actively, planning and plotting your success, with confidence that it will come to fruition!

See Your Dreams Come True!

Picture your perfect house, neighborhood, social life, and happiness! And see your visions become reality!

Take Action with Confidence!

Have the tools and techniques to make things happen! And to learn and grow, in the process!

Streamline Your Success!

Know that you can take-on more goals, and greater achievements, with ease!

My story...

The Bandidos
Evacuation Plan Grab Beer
Woman vs Wave
Road to Galveston after Ike
Boat near Road

A Stormy Start!

I grew-up in a small town near Galveston, Texas.

We were a family of 7, living on less than $20k a year.

Hand-me-downs, and foodstamps, were the norm for us.

Our mother had a different perspective on motivation. She would tell us that the local biker gang, the "Bandidos", would come get us, if we didn't clean our rooms. Lol! I don't know what's funnier, that she would say that, or that it worked! :-O 

Have you ever tried sleeping, with your arms and legs, hanging off the bed? Lol! It's what you do, to try to stay cool, when the temperature is over 100 degrees fahrenheit, 100% humidity, and you have no air conditioning!! :-(

But, every once in while, a hurricane would cool things off! And some would evacuate, while others stayed and stocked-up on beer. Lol! But seriously, I think Galveston invented the phrase "Hurricane Party!".

I knew that I wanted my future to be different! But, I had no idea, how to change my world.  

Until, I discovered Jack Canfield! Jack taught me the secrets of the world's most successful people!  

Since that time, I've been researching the most influential minds in human transformation, from Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins. 

Combining the most powerful techniques, that I learned from the many different motivational gurus, I've discovered how to follow my dreams! I now live in beautiful Southern Californa! I'm a Director at the biggest Motion Picture Studio, in Hollywood. I've built-up a sizeable Real Estate Investing portfolio. And, I still find the time to travel the world, and pursue my love of Salsa dancing! :-) 

Through years of researching and applying self-development tools and techniques, I would frequently think to myself, "there's got to be a better way of organizing this information!". I would also think about better ways of describing and communicating, how the processes work, and how they could they could be more easily implemented. 

And, I've compiled my research into an effective program that achieves results, in the fastest way possible!

-Adrian McMillian "The Goal Pro" 

Jack Canfield - The Success Principles
Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich
Tony Robbins - Awaken the Giant Within
Stephen Covey - The 7 Habits

The Results Speak for Themselves

Take advantage of Adrian's 25+ years of experience helping people, departments, organizations, and companies, simplify and streamline their success!

Here's a few of the companies that Adrian has helped...

Microsoft Logo
Tenneco Logo
Avery Dennison Logo
Warner Bros Logo
SPE Logo
Shell Logo
City of Houston Logo
Allianz Logo
Dreamworks Logo
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Adrian McMillian and Jack Canfield Casual
Adrian McMillian and Jack Canfield holding The Life I Deserve Book

"I'm on a mission to empower people to change their lives.

Adrian is not only changing his life, he's helping others, to do the same! And he does so, in a fun, engaging, and powerful way!

I'm proud to have certified Adrian in the Canfield Methodology. And, I'm even more proud to have Adrian as a friend.

I have no doubt that Adrian McMillian will make a big impact in the world!"  

-Jack Canfield Chairman of the Canfield Training Group Coauthor of The Success Principles™

Adrian's program is jam-packed with compelling, life changing information and advice! He not only delivers it in a creative way, he gives practical hands-on applications that you can begin to use today!

The program holds your interest with fun, enlightening, interactive exercises along the way!

Adrian gives insight into the way the brain works, and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage. It'll help you to define and articulate your goals. I found the information and suggestions were applicable to every aspect of your life.

I recognized how I could begin to apply the knowledge immediately and I was amazed to see results instantaneously in relationships, personally and professionally! For instance, within a few days of completing the course, I realized a small goal that I wanted to complete in two months, by my 50th birthday, writing it down, giving it a "finish line" (as Adrian likes to call it), and mentioning it to a friend, all made it more real to me, and gave the goal more weight.

I was excited to begin to see immediate progress as I applied his clever techniques to my daily routine. I'm amazed to see how my brain reacted to a few simple changes, and I'm happy to report I'm making great strides toward my goal!

I can't wait to see what I'll accomplish as I apply my new found knowledge to my loftier goals! I highly recommend taking the course, soak it in and begin to see yourself achieving more than you thought was possible!

Glenda Burrow

-Glenda Burrow Beach City, Texas  

The whole program is very solid and very informative. So many good points that people don’t think about and could really help people reach their goals, if they would apply these lessons to their life. I would recommend this program to everyone I know! Very well laid out. Very well formatted and presented with its clean and easily to follow structure.

-Robert Gandy

Robert Gandy

Ranni St. Pucchi

I had the pleasure to see Adrian in action recently. He is dynamic on stage and knows how to deliver his message in a powerful, energetic way. He is awe-inspiring, motivational and so much fun!! 

-Rani St. Pucchi Founder & Designer, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Trainer at St. Pucchi  

I recently attended Adrian's workshop. He is authentic, approachable, knowledgeable, and fun. I gained so much more clarity on my vision. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel in charge of themselves and also their business. Thank you again for the amazing experience.

-Ayse Gul 

Ayse Gul

Scott West Fowler

Adrian is filled with life and energy! He shines when he speaks and it is obvious that he gives his all when sharing his message. Adrian is a great guy with a big heart! If ever you have the opportunity to hear him speak take full advantage. He shares truth and encouragement and he does so with enthusiasm and professionalism.

-Scott West Fowler 

Adrian is such an inspirational speaker. He has a good heart and he is really taking care of people. I have had the chance to meet him at the Trainer Program of Jack Canfield and I am glad having met him. Go on with your journey and inspire other human beings!!  

-Dr. Georg Neubauer 

Georg Neubauer

Bryan Mannion

I saw Adrien on stage. He's awesome. 10/10 and a very professional speaker. I highly recommend him if you want to take your organization or personal life to the next level.

-Bryan Mannion Owner-operator at Online Success Partner 

Adrian has amazing energy and purpose! His message is engaging and dynamic - during a workshop he lead our group into new thoughts and transformation. I highly recommend any event or coaching opportunity with Adrian!!  

-Natasha Ryan D’Amelio Consultant at Jsh Properties 

Natasha Ryan D'Amelio

Colleen Moon Sorensen

I was completely captured by Adrian's presentation. He has an excellent stage presence, utilizes a great balance between content, humor, and interaction, and Adrian has an overall impressive way of delivering his message that is truly inspiring to his audience. Adrian goes above and beyond in subtle ways to ensure you are well taken care of and his laugh is incredibly infectious. I highly recommend Adrian as one who knows what he is talking about when creating a life that you want, and he can help guide you there in your own journey.  

-Colleen Moon Sorensen Health and Wellness Coach at Self-Employed and works at Adjunct Professor at Utah Valley University and Director of Testing Services at Utah Valley University 

Your Solution has Arrived!


The Goal Program

Everyhing You Need for every Goal You Want to Achieve!

Compiled from the most effective techniques taught by the "Masters" (Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield)

Organized and explained, in the most efficient manner, with beautiful, rich, clear diagrams, that allow clear understanding of each technique!

Presented with compelling, motivating, and touching true stories, that demonstrate the true power, of each lesson being taught!

Packed with exciting exercises and games, that not only bring a new perspective to each lesson, but also make the material fun to learn!!  

What's Your Future Worth?

The Goal Program is actually 6 Courses in One!!

TGP - Mod1 - Take Control!
TGP - Mod2 - Clarify your Purpose
TGP - Mod3 - Decide What you Want
TGP - Mod4 - Affirm and Visualize
TGP - Mod5 - Take Action!
TGP - Mod6 - Cruise Control

Module 1 - "Take Control!" Learn to take control of your life, and the results of your life.

Module 2 - "Clarify Your Purpose" Learn to clarify your Mission. And learn how powerful this clarity is to your life!

Module 3 - "Decide What you Want" Learn how to create effective goals, that produce results!

Module 4 - "Affirm and Visualize" Learn the power of your subconscious mind. And, how to put it to work for you!

Module 5 - "Take Action!" Learn how to gain the courage to take action. And, learn how to use feedback to your advantage!

Module 6 - "Cruise Control :-)" Learn how to simplify and streamline your success, by automating much of what you've learned.  

Each of these 6 courses, would cost about $300, elsewhere.

That's a $1,800 value!

In the interest of helping you to make your goals come true, you can buy "The Goal Program" (containing all 6 Courses) today for only...

>>> $497 <<<  

Plus!! You'll get these exclusive Goal-achieving Tools, only available in "The Goal Program"! 


  •  Progressive Goals TM

A new approach to goal-setting, that makes progress easy and natural!

  •  Gravitational Goals TM

A process for creating goals with gravitational force! Making it difficult to get off track!

  •  The Success Sheet TM

A simple template, to make it easy to set, and track goals, for all areas of your life!

Achieve Your Goals, Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

100% Hassle-free Money Back Guarantee

 If you're not convinced that "The Goal Program" will help you to achieve your goals, just let me know, for a complete refund. 

Get your Goals!!